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From residential to multi-storey structures. Fully certified.

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All sizes available. Helpful advice to make hiring easy.

Recycling &
Waste Management

Household and commercial. We recycle, re-purpose and reuse.

Aggregates &
Building Supplies

Gravel, sand, slate, grit, limestone, cement… We’ve got the lot.


We buy and sell unique architectural salvage, garden and building materials.
About Us

We’ve been in the demolition, excavation and building industry for over 40 years. We’re proud that over 99% of all material we deal with gets recycled, reused or repurposed.

What can I recycle?

We can recycle paper, cardboard, glass bottles, plastic containers, aluminium cans, food and beverage cartons, certain electronic waste, and scrap metal. All this reduces our environmental impact.

What else can I do to help the environment?

We can also conserve water, use energy- efficient appliances, compost food waste, minimise single-use plastics, support local produce, and reduce food waste.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

Walk or cycle, use public transport where possible, conserve energy, choose renewable energy sources, and support sustainable businesses and practices where possible.