All types of wood and chipboard can be recycled, or repurposed, made into chippings or used for bio fuel for generators.


Furniture, kitchen and bathroom strip out, garage clearance. Everything is sorted and separated for recycling.


All appliances – hi-fis, radios, oil heaters, hairdryers, computers, irons, TVs. These are all stripped of their components for recycling.

Fridges & Freezers

All types are de-gassed, then all the parts are recycled for future use. Please call – drop-off must be by appointment.


Sofas, couches and covered chairs need to be incinerated due to hazardous materials. Please call – drop-off must be by appointment.


Mattresses require specialist recycling and disposal due to some hazardous materials. Please call – drop-off must be by appointment.

Building Materials

All types of building materials – bricks, slate, concrete, slabs, pipes are sorted then recycled or repurposed into aggregates.

Cardboard & Paper

All kinds of paper and cardboard can be recycled as long as its not lined with plastic film, coated with wax or covered in glitter.

Plastic & Glass

All types of plastic and glass can be recycled. Plastic tubs, trays, bottles and containers. Lids can be kept on, please empty and rinse beforehand.

Green Waste

Garden waste, hedging, tree cuttings, leaves, grass cuttings – everything is shredded for composting.


Everything from drinks cans to scrap metal. Around 75% of the aluminium ever manufactured is still in circulation today.

We pride ourselves in the role we play in ensuring a better environment for everyone. Over 99% of everything we bring back to our waste processing and transfer station is recycled, reused, or repurposed.